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The 22nd Research Institute of CETC

Established in 1963, belong to the China Electronics technology Group Corporation,is one of the 58 members of group company,is the only one engaged in the Research Institute of radio propagation in China. There are more than a dozen radio observatories global including the north pole and south pole. Is one of the international scale larger national radiowave environment observation and research institutions, is the publishing institutions authorized by the state of prediction ionospheric disturbance business.

Tianbo Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd

Incorporated in 1988, belong to The 22nd Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, registered capital is 100 million yuan, and it changed its name to existing name in 2016. The main business includes four blocks: communication system, electronic system, electric power project and petroleum project. It has a wealth of engineering experience and be engaged in project more than 50 countries. Has more than 2000 engineers and has three companies for the hardware installation. 2015 Total revenue is about 1100 million yuan.

Tianbo International Myanmar Co.,Ltd

      Tianbo International Myanmar Co.,Ltd was founded in August 2015, mainly engaged in communication engineering (survey, design, civil engineering, tower, equipment installation, equipment testing ,network optimization), system integration business and enterprise network business in Myanmar.

Main partners of communication engineering: Huawei (operator & enterprise BG), IGT, Apollo, EFTL, PAT, Edotco.

System integration business, main partners: Crown Advanced Construction Co.,LTD., Max Myanmar Group, Golden Thitsar Company ,etc;

Enterprise network business, main partners: China unicom (myanmar) operation company, MBT, etc.

       Core Values

       Responsibility    Innovation   Excellence   Sharing

       Management Concept

       Morality   Quality   Brand   Specialty   Concentration   Focus

       Service purposes

       Customer-centered, quality-based, professional, efficient, sincere service, and seek common development

       Company Vision

Tianbo Company is engaged in being a first-class brand company wich sets"Industry,Technology,Manufactrue,Trade and Service" as a whole, with the strong advantage of management, human resources, technology and service.

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